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Original 24 Game Cards Double Digits:Carsblog

24 Game
24 Game Published in October 20, 2018, 10:33 am
 Original 24 Game Cards Double Digits:Carsblog

Original 24 Game Cards Double Digits:Carsblog

Price:£12.99+ £3.99 shipping

Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 27 April 2017
Bought this for my granddaughter, she loves them!
Mrs Lindley
Mrs Lindley Reply to on 13 January 2016
Great game for enthusiastic mathematicians. Some are quite tricky. I use them in class
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 July 2018
Really good way to improve mental maths skills!!
LewisJones Reply to on 14 May 2013
This game is effective to the extent that the rules are simple and require no setting up. It is also educational, which exercises the memory part of the brain, keeping it active. The price may be a bit too much for anyone's liking, but I reckon it's worth it based on the fact that it keeps your brain going.

Overall a great buy.
Baffers Reply to on 23 April 2012
Compliments the single digets game (recommend as a first buy) may seem a little expensive but the learning value is 10 fold if you have a child who is bright & likes problem solving... Be warned - being out-mathed by a 10 yr old can be belittling!!
S. Sahu
S. Sahu Reply to on 8 February 2014
very well packed brand new promptly delivered set fo cards, well made and bright arranged in 3 different levels and vyer easy to play as a game.
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