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Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem:Carsblog

John Eliot Gardiner
John Eliot Gardiner Published in October 20, 2018, 10:37 am
 Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem:Carsblog

Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem:Carsblog


David Impey
David Impey Reply to on 21 August 2018
Phew! Having purchased the Simon Rattle version and then returned it in short order (beautifully performed, appallingly recorded), I found the recommendation for this on the Gramophone website. And it is gorgeous.

The sound is full and rich and lovely and the performance is magnificent. The Monteverdi Choir are obviously keen that their own label (SDG - an imprint of the Hyperion label) reflects their own high standards and I am fairly confident that they won't have been disappointed by this.

I would like to state that the five stars I've given this disc are for its own sake and not because of the relief I feel after the disappointment of the Rattle recording. That would qualify it for a sixth star.
Bruce Reply to on 14 May 2013
Amazingly it is something like 20 years since John Eliot Gardiner last recorded this for Philips. In that time his interpretation has not changed significantly, but recording quality has improved a bit giving a clarity that was missing from that earlier version. If you have the earlier one I wouldn't necessarily replace it, but if you have not then this is well worth acquiring. But if you don't have an 'original instrument' version at all then definitely get this - you will hear things that are usually lost in the mush of overbearing orchestration.
tim wheeler
tim wheeler Reply to on 15 March 2018
When I heard this, I thought, this just has to be one of the best recordings of this work that’s out there! Strongly recommend
paul crowe
paul crowe Reply to on 7 April 2014
Love this piece after discovering it recently. However this recording isn't if the highest quality with a fair degree of hiss and noise. I also realise I should have gone for a CD version rather than MP3 download as the audio quality is superior. I'm happy with this as an introduction to the work but will be looking for a better quality version
Headintheclouds Reply to on 10 September 2015
Vole Reply to on 26 February 2014
This is a good recording of some lovely music. Quick delivery, very satisfied.
It is quite unecessary to add anything further.
Happytohelp37 Reply to on 29 May 2014
If you like your Brahms slow and steady do not go for this, but I love it! The quality of the recording and the choir is brilliant.
Jean M.C. Simmonds
Jean M.C. Simmonds Reply to on 24 January 2015
very enjoyable sent in good order
Brigitte Reply to on 17 October 2014
Soooo good.
richard saumarezr
richard saumarezr Reply to on 8 October 2014
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